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    Teaching your little one these things? Maybe you should think twice.

    I know. No one does it on purpose. Everyone is doing what they think is best when it comes to teaching their little ones. This can be a thin line to walk. No one likes being told what to do with their child. No one wants to hear “hey, you probably shouldn’t teach your child that.”   Disclaimer- I’m not telling you how to parent. I’m not telling you what you’re doing is wrong. I’m writing this just to make you think and look at things from a different perspective. Teaching them that they HAVE to share with everyone. Don’t get me wrong I won’t allow my son to be…

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    Affirmations & How Using Them Improved My Life

    You are your thoughts. I used to not believe but once I started using affirmations everyday my life slowly transitioned, for the positive. Becoming your own cheerleader can be the thing you do for yourself. It’s easy to roll your eyes or not take statements like that seriously. I get it, I used to be that person to. I always doubted myself. I came up with every excuse as to why I couldn’t be successful at something. I’d try and always fail which lead me to the cycle of thinking negatively and getting negative results. It’s such a toxic mindset. Okay so how do affirmations change this? Changing toxic parts…

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    How I Made $68 in 3 days and NEVER left my house.

    Whaaaat? Yes girl! I wish I would have known about this sooner. I’m still making sells daily. It’s such a simple way to get a little extra money in your pockets and guess what you also get to declutter your closet while doing it! The best part is I could keep making even more money. All on a free app! I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I had heard of it. Way too many times. I never thought much of it until recently. I was desperate for ways to make a little extra cash. Being recently laid off from my job I felt guilty being home all day and not…


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