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Tornado Season? Prepare for Severe Weather!

Fun Fact; I wanted to be a tornado chaser when a kid.

You read that right. I used to LOVE bad weather. I was that strange person that went outside when the tornado sirens went off. That all changed when I had my son. The first tornado watch we went through with him had me running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Where do we go? How do I keep him safe? What about the dog?!

Prepare for severe weather ahead of time with these tips!

I am not a professional. These are tips that have helped calm my nerves. Please use caution when following anything you read on the internet.

tornado season, prepare for severe weather

1- Plan Ahead

If you know ahead of time exactly where to go and what to grab you’ll be way more at ease when severe weather strikes. Talk with your family and children about exactly where they should go and what they should grab. Practice ahead of time so that you’re always prepared.

2-Prepare a Severe Weather Backpack

Have a designated backpack for all of your important documents; birth certificates, SS security cards, debit cards, DL, medications. I know it’s not practical to leave these items in a backpack- so maybe keep them together so you can grab and add to the back pack quickly.

I even pack chargers, snacks, water, changes of socks/underwear, dog food, flash lights, etc.

Make copies of your favorite pictures and keep a few in there.

You may think you’re going overboard but if it ever came down to losing your whole home; you’d be so thankful that you grabbed that backpack.

3- Map out the safest spot in your home.

This is the most interior part of your home. Think bathroom/hall closet. You want to be away from windows and surrounded by as many walls as possible. If you live in a multiple story floor- get on the bottom floor!

4- Think EXTRA

Strap babies/toddlers into car seats. Put bicycle helmets on your little ones. Protect your heads!

Grab blankets/pillows and use them as for protection from debris.

5- Prepare you pets!

Make it as easy as possible to find your pet if something terrible happens. Make sure all of your pets have tags with your name/number on them. Get them micro-chipped! Pack a picture of them in your Severe Weather Backpack!

Put your animal on a leash so that you can keep them next to you. Animals get scared during bad weather so they may act crazy and try to run off. Be sure to include your pets in your practice weather run.

6- Don’t ever get the “it’s not going to happen” mentality.

It can happen to anyone. Being prepared is so important. Growing up in Texas I’ll admit it’s easy to adopt that mentality. Season after season, you hear the sirens go off and nothing ever happens. Just know that every time something doesn’t happen to you- it is happening somewhere to someone else.

I think a nice way to get rid of this mentality is by helping out during the next natural disaster close to you. Bring your kids to help clean up the neighborhood or pass out water. It will be a quick reality check. It can also help ease fear in young ones by seeing people overcome a disaster.

Please always take severe weather warnings seriously.

Comment your tips below!

Stay safe this tornado season!



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