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Girls Rule The World- Podcast Edition

Girls, women, females, ladies- whatever you want to call us

I’ll take any those names with a badge with honor. Women are running the game. Rising to the top of companies in kickass CEO positions, running their own business, having their own money makin’ side hustle, many of them are even MOMS while doing this- say what!


That’s what inspired me to make this blog series ‘Girls Run the World.’

girls run the world podcast

Each week I’ll be sharing with you my top favorites that are run by women! From small businesses, blogs, to youtube channels, musicians, to ANYTHING. I’m on the hunt for all of the hard-hustling ladies!

This week we’re going to start with one of my favorite things- PODCAST.

I’m a podcast addict. I stopped paying my Apple music subscription because I never listened to music- any time I have a free ear I’m wanting to hear a podcast. I love EVERYTHING. True crime, humor, mental health, gossip talk, inspiration- my subscription list is long; maybe a little too long. While I do listen to (and recommend) many male podcasts! This one is more of a lady-focused post- so we’re just going to talk about them.

Let’s stop with the ramblin’ and get on to the list.

Guilty Pleasure Podcast

Coffee Convos

coffee convos podcast

Listen on the Apple Podcast app or the Coffee Convo’s website- here.

Kail Lowry from Teen Mom 2 & Lindsie Chrisley from Chrisley Know’s best link up to host Coffee Convo’s. If you watch their reality shows- this is nothing like them. You get to see the true side of these fabulous girls as they talk about mom struggles, relationship struggles, funny stories- just anything. They are relatable and down to earth! They could mesh well with mom listeners or people that are listening just for fun.

Teen Mom Trash Talk

teen mom trash talk on pink in podcast app

Listen on the Apple Podcast app or check it out on the TMTT website- here.

Disclaimer- this is a trash talk podcast. If you don’t like that, I would advise you not to listen buuuut if you’re a Teen Mom fan you NEED to. Tracey, Noelle, and Gabrielle are hilarious. They recap the episodes with brutal honesty AND love for the ladies. I listen to this every single Monday. It’s refreshing just to laugh with them. I feel like I’m talking about the shows with my best friends.

Tracey also does a 90 Day Fiance Trash Talk podcast if you’re into that show!

Inspiring Podcast

Goal Digger

goal digger podcast

I feel like I can conquer the world after listening to Jenna Kutcher and her lovely guest on this podcast. You can find amazing content and inspiration in this Podcast. If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur she can help boost you in the right direction. Business advice and life advice- this is definitely a binge-worthy podcast.

Her Goal Digger Facebook group has also connected me with SO MANY helpful and wonderful ladies. If you listen to the Podcast I definitely recommend joining!

Online Marketing Made Easy

online marketing made easy playing in podcast app

listen on the apple podcast app or on the online marketing made easy website- here

Amy Porterfield is the teacher and mentor we all need. She packs so much valuable content into her podcast. She gives step-by-step strategies, cheat sheets, and wonderful tips you can use to succeed in your business! Every single episode resonates so WELL with me, it’s magical! If you haven’t listened to Amy yet, you’re missing a good one.

Mom Life Podcast

Why Mommy Drinks

why mommy drinks podcast playing in app

Listen on the apple podcast app or check out the why mommy drinks podcast here 

Hilarious. I remember I first started listening to this driving to work after my maternity leave. I was in such a sad state of mind leaving my son at daycare but these ladies definitely cheered me up! I don’t know what it is- I feel like the only thing we REALLY have in common is that we’re moms but they are so real and honest about motherhood it just makes you want to smile. No judgment and hilarious!

Moms Anonymous

moms anonymous podcast playing in app

This is a new one I’ve just been getting into but I’m already addicted. These ladies are so down to earth and open; it’s so refreshing. You really feel like you’re just riding in the car with your best mom friends. They have so much personality- I just can’t rave enough. I think these girls are going to go far! Check them out! 🙂

listen on the apple podcast app or the moms anonymous website here.

True Crime Podcast

Happy Face

happy face killer podcast playing in app

listen on the apple podcast app or the iheartradio link here 

I don’t know how women ran you could classify this one as but Melissa Moore being brave enough to get on here and tell her story seriously awes me. She is the daughter of The Happy Face Killer. This podcast is brilliant and fascinating to hear this side of these murders. Family members are so affected by things like this. I want to give Melissa so many hugs for opening up and talking about this for everyone to hear. One strong lady.

My Favorite Murder

my favorite murder podcast playing in app

check out in the apple podcast app or listen on the MFM website here.

Ahhhhh, I couldn’t talk about my favorite podcast without including this one. Karen and Georgia are totally my BFF’S. They just don’t know it. Every Monday they do a short episode where people write in their hometown murders and every Thursday they cover a murder. It’s so interesting and their style of telling stories is so conversational you’ll think they’re your BFF’s too. They do live tours and it is my GOAL to see them. Murderinos Unite! If you’re a true crime fan, you need to listen!

And there you have it! My top girl ran podcast!

Do you listen to any of these?! What are your favorite podcast or which one of these do you think you’ll check out?


Comment below and share!! 🙂


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