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Easter Gift Guide + Basket Ideas!

Easter is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me you’re already brainstorming ideas for your little one’s basket.

I’ve got you covered! Finding the perfect small gifts for all the different holidays is one of my favorite parts of being a mom. Here’s I’ll share with my top ideas- hopefully, these help you out! Feel free to share them with your mama friends.

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Let’s start off with baskets!

I love the idea of getting one nice sturdy basket and using it year after year. It’s more budget-friendly and more meaningful.

These are a super good deal because if you have more than one kiddo you can buy them all for $20.

These would be perfect to iron on any design or name you’d like! Check out my Etsy shop I make low priced iron on vinyl stickers and offer free shipping. You can also find many designs in the Etsy marketplace.

Unique easter basket ideas?

I love the cute different ideas you can use as easter baskets too!
For example you could get a dump truck and use it as the basket like this!
Isn’t that the cutest?! You could personalize it! It would be so much fun for a little one to push this around the yard picking up Easter eggs.

For something a little more girly you could do the up-side down umbrella basket. Flip an umbrella like this upside and fill it with goodies!
Perfect for those April Showers!!

What to fill it with?!

I love practical gifts. Gifts you can reuse. I don’t usually do candy or snacks. Things that are fun but also fit in with the season.

My favorite thing to give is books- especially Easter books.

They have special books for every holiday. You can find Easter themed books. I love finding books about the story of Jesus targeted at the little ones. To help teach them the true meaning of Easter. Here are a few of our favorites!

Raincoats and Rainboots!

Arts & Craft’s Supplies!

Plates, Cups, Silverware!

Our son was in the transition change at Easter time so we hooked up with some new cups and silverware. He needed them and it was perfect to use as a gift! A few of my favorites are:

Last but not least; bath time fun!


I hope this Easter gift guide is exactly what you’re looking for.

I don’t try to overdo for it Holidays like Easter because receiving gifts isn’t the reason for Easter. It’s still nice to keep it fun though!!

What’s your favorite item on my list?!

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