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6 Things You Should Never Say To A New Mom.

Motherhood is an adventure. One of the first things you’ll learn after being a mom is that people love to give you their two cents. Even if it’s not needed!

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Don’t get me wrong, I know most people mean well. Which is why I’m writing this blog post; after reading this you’ll have no excuse not to know any better.

Is your baby “doing some wild milestone that is shouldn’t even be doing yet?” My baby “did this wild milestone at that age!!”


Kudos to your overachiever!  While I am sincerely happy that your baby accomplished that at such a young age; I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell me every chance you get. Are you trying to worry me or are you just bragging? All babies are different and develop at different rates. No need to worry a new mom about something her baby isn’t doing yet.

I remember I was a member of mom board and I’d constantly see worried mom’s on there asking for help because “so and so’s baby rolled over at this age and my baby isn’t, what should I do?!”

First, stop comparing your baby. Second, it’s okay- your baby is going to roll over and if it seems like it’s taking an extra long time talk to your pediatrician! They’ll help you better than anyone else can!

Did you get any sleep last night?!


Don’t. Just don’t.

I think people ask this to be funny or to bring up the topic of “how much is your baby sleeping.” It’s not a competition! I don’t want to hear that sweet little Izzylane was sleeping through the night at just 4 weeks (which is wild) ESPECIALLY when I’m barely getting 3 hours of sleep a night. Do you want to be the reason I snap today?!

I turned into a very sarcastic person postpartum; I’d always respond with something like “oh yeah, you know it. I slept like a rock for 12 hours straight” and then I’d change the topic completely.

You’re Not Breastfeeding?! Oh, try it one more time.



Listen, I breastfed. I also had to formula feed sometimes.

I’m all for breastfeeding and the benefits and if you can do it; you should. Don’t ever make a new mom feel bad for not doing it though. It is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It doesn’t come easy for everyone and just because it was such a struggle for you and you still did it – does not mean everyone should struggle through it.

A fed baby is a fed baby. It’s also none of your business what a lady is or isn’t doing with her breast. -insert shrug emoji here-

I wish I could just sit at home all day and relax.


Hahahahahaha. Okay, moms let’s all laugh together at that one. There is nothing exciting about being stuck in a house day in and day out with only a baby to communicate with.

Don’t mistake me here, I’m so grateful for those moments with my newborn. It can make you go a tad bit crazy. I could barely find time to eat, shower, or use the bathroom.

Are you ready to have another one?!


If you’re a mom that has a baby and then is immediately ready to have another- I applaud you.

I was not that mom. Not anywhere close to being that mom. The fact that people would ask me that when my baby was barely 2 months old yet, still leaves me in shock.

I’d hate to have to leave my baby with a stranger.


Okay, this one is just mean. People really say it though!

Every mom hates leaving her baby with a stranger. Leaving my son at daycare for the first time was one of the saddest days of my life. Please don’t make me feel guilty for it. Not everyone is blessed enough to get to stay home or have a family member watch their baby for them.

What you could do instead?


Laundry, bring them a meal, tell them how good of a mom they are, ask how you can help them, clean the house up for them, come hang out with them for the day- just for the company,  you know anything besides saying super unnecessary things.


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Comment below something crazy someone said to you after having a baby!


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