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Simple Way to Develop Your Toddler’s Speech

One of the most exciting things is when your toddler says their first word. It could be mama, dog, ball; no matter what it is you’ll be over the moon!

Before you know they’ll be running around saying all kinds of things. Keep in mind that all children are NOT the same and some’s speech develop at different rates than others. This is perfectly normal and shouldn’t be cause for concern.

Always be sure to bring up any speech concerns to your pediatrician!

My son is 18 months old an already has such a huge vocabulary. It amazes people and even I’m surprised by the words he says sometimes. I give most of the credit to him. It’s just who he is as a person. He’s outgoing and talkative and doesn’t like to keep quiet.

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I will share a few things we have done from the very beginning that I feel have truly helped his speech development.

Keep on reading if you’re interested in finding out!

#1 Books, books and more books

I started his book collection before he was born. When sending out baby shower invitations I requested for everyone to bring a book with a special message in it; instead of a card.  Reading those books and messages to him now that he’s older is such a sweet moment!

Here is a books for baby printable like the one that I used!

You can never start too early with reading.

As mentioned in my blog post here- turning your baby into a pro sleeper. I mention starting a routine. When we started our sons routine at 3 months old reading at least one book a night was the number one priority.  Fast forward to now, and he is a book warm. He has favorite books, I can ask for a specific book and he’ll go get it, we now read 4-5 books every night.

Reading to your children from a young age has so many benefits!

Not only will it help improve their speech; it sets them up for success, teaches them new sounds and to relate words to the sounds, and it also develops their concentration skills!

It’s also a wonderful bonding experience between you and your little one.

2) Always be descriptive to your baby.

This one comes pretty easy to me because I’ve never been a fan of baby talk. Baby talk does not help your baby at all.  From a young age I’ve talked to Colt; even if I knew I wouldn’t be getting a response back.

Asking him how his day was, describing what we do while giving him a bath, making his bottle changing his clothes.

Now that he’s older I tell him please and thank you, in return “thank you” is one of his favorite words, and he uses it in the right context! It is the sweetest thing ever. Most days I’ll have full-blown conversations with me and he’ll jibber away back at me.

Your teaching your baby to conversate even if they are just jibbering.

3) Teach sign language

I will say this doesn’t have to be every single sign. I just taught my son a few before he could really talk to help him learn to communicate. Our two favorites were “more” and “all done.” That way he could communicate with us while eating. He picked up on them so quickly and not long after he was saying the words while using the sign.

Check out this helpful article on baby sign language for more information!

Comment below your favorite recommendations for developing your little one’s communication skills.


Feel free to share! 🙂


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  • Arianne Peters

    We read to my niece everyday and would constantly talk to her and describe things. By age one she was talking circles around kids her age and now at two we is very descriptive and specific when talking.
    Good read!

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