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Maternity Clothes- What you really NEED

So you’ve reached that point in your pregnancy. Everything is getting tight and uncomfortable. Even your biggest T-shirt’s don’t fit how they used to. You’ve been putting off buying maternity clothes but it’s that time.

Pregnant lady wearing white dress with black overlay saying best maternity wear, comfortable dresses, maternity leggings, and nursing bra;s

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What should I buy?

Maternity wear can be difficult. You may not have unlimited options in stores. My hometown only has a Target that you can buy Maternity wear from. While Target does have some essentials, you can get a lot if your Maternity goods online!

MomeWear has a wonderful post about the importance of Comfortable Clothing for pregnant women. Which I 100% agree with!

The most important part of maternity wear is a comfortability.

Can I get an amen? All I wanted while I was pregnant was to be comfortable but also I wanted clothes that I could still wear after pregnancy. Especially those months after being home from the hospital.

So where should you start-

1. Maternity Leggings

Every girl needs a wonderful pair of black leggings. Pregnant or not. This is a daily staple. Comfortable and easy to dress up or down.

Legging quality is important. Who else is guilty of having thighs that bust out of any cheap leggings they buy??

Best Pregnancy Leggings, hands down

Spanx Maternity Leggings

I loved these. They have a band that comes all the way over your belly so you don’t have to pull them up all day. Spanx Maternity leggings also smooth you out in all the right places.

girl in sunglasses wearing black dress and black leggings, white overlay that says maternity must- haves
They are also perfect for post-partum wear. I wore them home from the hospital and pretty much lived in them for the 3 months after birth.

They have faux leather so that you can dress up any outfit and be comfortable or you can get the nylon/spandex material and wear them casually. They are also a nice opaque material so you can’t see through them! I hate when my leggings do that.

Spanx is offering a sale so be sure to check them out and save some dollars! Did I mention free shipping?! You can’t beat that.

20% off sitewide

2. Maternity Tee’s

I still wear my maternity T-shirts even after getting back to my normal size. They are just so comfortable. While pregnant it was so easy to slip these on with jeans or leggings and be ready to go.

I got my shirts at Target. I love the way they held up and they came in cute different colors. I’m not too sure Target makes the brand I purchased anymore but you can still find basic comfy tees there!

They are convenient because almost every town has a Target you can run into.

3. Nursing Bra’s

This is a must. Even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding; your body changes so much during those 9 months you’ll definitely want to update every piece of clothing to something more comfortable. I started wearing these before I had Colt and still use them today.

Hey, they are like a super comfy sports bra. Don’t blame. Plus, if you’re nursing these are so easy to snap open and closed. They don’t show weird lines under your shirt like some other nursing bra’s I’ve tried annnnnd they come with an adjustable piece in the back. So as the boob grows bigger and smaller and bigger, you can adjust it to the PERFECT fit.

If that sounds like something you’d like you should click the link below! (Don’t worry it’s just going to bring you to amazon.)

Check them out here! 

Trust me, you don’t want to sleep on these nursing bras, but you will want to sleep in them.

4) Maternity Dress

You don’t think you need a nice dress until you’re going on a date night at 8 months pregnant and realize all you can wear is maternity jeans/ leggings/ and t shirts because your nice dressed don’t fit you well anymore.

Maxi dresses are my favorite for maternity wear. You can even save them and wear them after baby so it doesn’t feel like you’re wasting money.

mustard yellow floral maternity dress with short sleeves
This is the cutest! Especially for Spring and Easter. The mustard color is my favorite right now. I feel like it’s everyone’s power color.

5. New Shoes

Okay, that one may make you roll your eyes. I promise I’m not just plugging you random things though. If you are anything like me your feet will GROW and SWELL. During your pregnancy and spoiler alert; it may take them a while to grow back down to normal size.

My feet were a size BIGGER for a year after my pregnancy. I already wore a size 9 so I wanted to cry. Trust me mama’s, nothing is better than a nice comfy pair of shoes during your pregnancy.

I had an August baby so my feet were hot & big during the summer. I was also clumsy so I preferred something with straps. I remember walking into Bass Pro Shop after spending 25 minutes at the Boardwalk DETERMINED to find shoes, my hopes were low I didn’t even know Bass Pro Shop even sold shoes that didn’t have anything to do with hunting.

I then laid my eyes open the most comfortable sandals ever and once I tried them on and there was no going back. Teva sandals. Go out and try some on, you will not regret! The straps are perfect but they kind of stretch as your feet swell…which is exactly what you’ll want.
black teva strapy sandals

I worked until I was almost 10 months pregnant and yes it sucked. Shoes were the biggest deal to me. I had horrible back problems because I wasn’t wearing the proper shoes. Comment below if you want my top favorite pregnancy shoe recommendations!

I hope this helped you think of some ways to be comfy throughout pregnancy.

Take Care of yourself! You deserve it!

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