Affirmations & How Using Them Improved My Life

You are your thoughts. I used to not believe but once I started using affirmations everyday my life slowly transitioned, for the positive. Becoming your own cheerleader can be the thing you do for yourself.

It’s easy to roll your eyes or not take statements like that seriously. I get it, I used to be that person to. I always doubted myself. I came up with every excuse as to why I couldn’t be successful at something. I’d try and always fail which lead me to the cycle of thinking negatively and getting negative results. It’s such a toxic mindset.

Okay so how do affirmations change this?

Changing toxic parts of your life’s isn’t easy. It normally won’t happen overnight. You’ll have setbacks, days of no luck, and days that you want to throw in the towel. The key is don’t.

My own situation may be similar to yours or it could be completely different. If you relate to me you know that it can be so hard to break the toxic way of thinking about yourself or your ideas. No one can blame you for thinking like that if you’re raised with toxic people. It’s so sad but many children grow up in extremely toxic homes. Hearing constant criticism, put downs, critique and insults from family can break down a person soul. The fact that you don’t know any thing different than that can make it hard to break yourself out. This can even happen if you’ve been in a toxic relationship for a long time.

I’m here to tell you that you can rise above those thoughts that flood your subconscious mind. You are not your childhood, you are not your mistakes, you do not not have to be who you were yesterday.

The First Step to Change is to Stop Worrying What Others Will Think

This is hard. Oh, I know this is hard. The reason this was hardest for me is because I though that I didn’t care what people thought. I mean I didn’t to a point- I was always goofy. Singing loudly, breaking out in random dance moves, dying my hair a random color, or just wearing something like a galaxy cat shirt to the bar. I did stuff like that regularly and I truly did not care what anyone else thought. I was called weird and laughed at and it never hurt my feelings.

It didn’t stop me from over analyzing every life decision I made. I didn’t care what people thought of my outwardly, I was confident. Inwardly, I was a mess. I wasn’t confident in my thought, ideas, likes, passions. My mindset about myself was extremely toxic.

I was in Choir and Theatre all through my middle school and high school days; acted, sang, danced, performed solos all throughout the year. I got nervous but loved doing it, never thought I had stage fright or anything like that until I went to college and took a speech class. We had to get in front of the whole class and read our speeches and all of sudden I was overcome with the WORST anxiety. I did NOT want to read anything in front of these kids. The first time I did it I was red-faced and shaking. Where did the come from? It got so bad that I ended up dropping the class completley.

No one understood. “Jessica, how can you get up and perform in front of 300+ plus people but then drop out of a class because you have to read a 3 minute speech in front of 20 kids??”

It clicked. When I was performing; that’s exactly what I was doing “performing.” They weren’t my words, thoughts, ideas, or songs. No one could judge me if my monologue was stupid or if the song I sang was boring. I didn’t write it. As long as I performed well, that’s all that mattered. This class was different- I had to write my OWN speeches and then get up in-front of people I didn’t know and read it to them, noooo thank you.

That was the moment I realized I cared more about what people thought then I let myself believe.

It truly takes that moment of self realization to start working towards fixing the problem and that’s what I’ve done since. Am I finished with my journey? Not even close. Can you change fast? Maybe, but this class was 5 years ago. It takes a while to fix a mindset that you’ve lived with your whole life.

Cut yourself so slack. Be patient. Pick up where you left off day after day and you’ll set progress.

What is an affirmation?

” the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed, emotional support or encouragement.”

Being in conscious control of your thoughts. Telling yourself every day you can do it, you are going to do it, strong powerful statements about yourself that help you work towards goals you want to achieve.

I reference affirmations in my post about “How to Rock Your Job Interview!” Some super useful advice here and using postive affirmations is one.

Spoiler, some people will tell you that it’s a crazy idea or that they ‘don’t get it.’ Remember, that not everyone has went through the same struggles as you. Maybe they haven’t hit that self- realization moment yet; maybe they were raised in a completely healthy household where they got constant assurance and are truly confident, maybe they just aren’t confident in themselves and get uncomfortable with other people showing confidence.

Whatever it i; those are their problems to work out. Not yours. You do not owe anyone an explanation. Someone else’s opinion to what you’re doing to better yourself does not matter to you. Remember, we have to STOP caring what others think. I’m only telling you this because it can really be the hardest part.

Okay, I get it but what do I even say?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. It can be hard at first but once it becomes a daily routine, your mind will start to flow with affirmations.

I suggest investing in a small journal. A journal dedicated specifically to your goals/affirmations. I love bullet journals because I’m a doodler. I also suggest investing in some colorful pens that write well. These are the two I use!

Classic Notebook Journal https://amzn.to/2BlZ8PT

Journaling Pens

Now, don’t get it twisted. You don’t have to have anything fancy. I started off and some days just using computer paper and whatever pen I could find.

You can also say them out loud. I recommend doing this even if you write them all day. Every time a negative thought start to pop in your head just say one of your affirmations out loud and smile. Do it again and again.

Set reminders on your phone so that through out the day your reminded of your affirmations.

Set is as your wallpaper or computer screen.

Tape sticky notes to your mirrors.

Program these in your brain. You are your subconscious thoughts. It may feel weird at first but I promise if you keep doing it a magic switch will go off and suddenly you’ll find yourself naturally think that way.

Here’s a darling little printable of my favorite affirmations. Screenshot it and save it to your phone!

Now remember, I’m not you. I’m a mom, an entrepreneur, struggling from a tough past, I have mental illnesses, and wanting to boost my self esteem.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite resources to get affirmations from

Make your affirmations fit you! That is key.

But Did Affirmations Really Change Your Life?

You’re reading this blog aren’t you? This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done. I always wanted to but I was afraid of failing, afraid of what my family would say, thought I’d be made fun of. I did my affirmations every day. Started an Etsy Shop, then a Instagram, then a blog. One a time, and day by day I stopped caring what anyone would think. I stopped worrying about “what’s ifs.” I stopped thinking about every single way I could fail. I just did it because I wanted to do it and I don’t regret it.

So yeah, it really changed my life.

Comment below with your favorite affirmation and your favorite way to keep track of them.

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