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February is Black History Month. This is an important month for everyone. So many moments to teach your young one’s the importance of Black History. Celebrating brings awerness and knowledge of history to your young minds. Knowing the past can open doors to the future!

Keep reading for my Black History activities and download the free printables to do with your kiddos!

Black History Word Search

Age: 5-9
Skills Learned: Word Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Spelling, and Introduce Vocabulary.

Do It Yourself: Come up with 8 or so words that represent Black History. Adjust the number of words and length of words to child’s age. Go over the keywords before doing the word search or while doing the word search and teach them why each word is so special to Black History Month.

Printable Includes: Word Search w/ Border- 8 words, Definition of 8 words in relation to Black History Month.

Further Engagement: Use words in sentences with people and places related to Black History Month. Encourage the child to engage.

Black History Cross Word Puzzle

Age: 7-10

Skills Learned: Sharpens critical thinking skills, engages problem solving skills, strengthen vocabulary, and reinforces knowledge in History.

Do It Yourself: Come up with 5-10 questions based around Black History. Use locations, monuments, movements, and people. Adjust questions to fit the childs age. Go over each question, encourage child to have conversation over them.

Printable Includes: Crossword Puzzle w/ Border, Crossword Puzzle w/o border, Crossword Puzzle Key

I Have A Dream Writing Prompt

Age: 5-12

Skills Learned: Increases creativity, writing practice, teaches child about themselves, works imagination, and promotes engagement from child.

Do It Yourself: Get any pieces of paper and write “I Have A Dream…” across the top. Tell your child about MLK’s dream. Read them excerpts from. Tell them the importance and why he was giving the speech. Then prompt them to write about their own dream for our country/town/school.

Printable Includes: Print out with “I Have a Dream” and handwriting line for younger children, wide space lines for older children.

I hope these suggestions were useful to you!

If you’re stuck and need Black History facts for kids here’s a lovely post with 55 facts!

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