You’ll Rock Your Interview with these Tips!

Interviews can be intimidating but with these tips and tricks you can go in confident and get that job you want!

Appearance Matters!

Okay, I’m not a girl that’s all hung up on looks. 98% of the time I’m rockin’ a messy bun and leggings. This one is hard for me when I have interviews! What do I wear? How do I do my make up? Such important questions.

The first thing you want to think about is the environment of the company. Laid back? Casual? Business Attire?

Do some research! Look them up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Most companies have business social medias where you can get a behind the scenes look at how they are on a day to day basis. Dress the part! Now, just because you see everyone wearing jeans in every social media post doesn’t mean you show up in jeans! This just means that you don’t necessarily need to dress to the nine’s. Maybe switch the heels for some flats and leave the blazer at home? Small things like that.

My go to outfit is a nice pair of slacks, a flowy blouse, and flats! I think it’s safe to stick with minimal make up and an every day hair style. Straight or curly! The biggest thing is to be you! No matter how you look make sure you include a little of yourself in the look.

Positive Affirmations

You can start this the days leading up to the interview. Every day write down 5 positive statements about the job/ interview. Say them out loud through out the day and believe yourself. The thoughts stay with us in our unconscious mind. If you’re only thinking negatively then you’ll most likely get negative results!

A few examples I’d try are- I am going to get this job. This interview is going to go well. I will do my best during the interview. Job interviews are easy. I am confident and smart. I am qualified for this job.

Are you catching my drift? Plant the seed to be the best you can be and you’ll bloom for miles!

Sell Yourself!

This is not an easy one because most people do not want to come off as having a huge ego but it’s necessary. A job interview is one of the few places that it’s acceptable to humble brag on yourself. In fact, it’s necessary! You holding back your biggest accomplishments can keep you from getting the job or next interview.

Now remember this, you can sell yourself and then you can over sell yourself like a car salesmen when you first pull onto a car lot. Don’t do the second.

Be yourself and tell stories! Talk to them like you’re talking to someone you’ve known for years. When explaining your accomplishments do it in story mode.

Have two or three examples of that time “You were doing ‘X’ and then ‘X’ happened and you resolved it by doing ‘X’ and you’re so thankful you had that ‘X’ training to help you in that situation.” All of those X’s are opportunities to show off your skills but it’s not in a list of, one by one “oh I’m the best” kind of way. Throw in a mistake and how you fixed it! Be human! Humans get jobs! 🙂

Be prepared for the dreaded “Do You Have Any Questions For Us?”

I hate this one. I really do but if you prepare yourself and it will be a breeze!

You don’t have to have a list of questions to ask but have 1 or 2.
Keep them related to your personality so that the conversation flows organically. They’ve gauged your personality through out the interview. Don’t be the happy, go lucky, laid back person through out your interview and then suddenly throw out your last minute googled question that is super wordy and serious. They know that’s not natural.

If you’ve been smiling, story telling, and having a good conversation the whole time; a funny questions like “so what do you guys eat for lunch around here?” followed by a question asking about the dynamic of the office would work wonders!

Or if you’re more on the business side of things and it’s not true to you to be casual; something like “What would be my #1 priority in this position?” is always a good question!

Don’t let anyone tell you “Don’t ask that!” or “Don’t say that!” As long as you are being yourself then you’ll be okay. Don’t go in there trying way too hard or being unnatural because everyone in the room will know.

Do your Research about the Company!

I’ll never forget when a lady asked me to tell her what I knew about the company and I had no response! I knew nothing. It was so embarrassing.
Prepare yourself. While doing your social media research you can do this. Look for their company goal or motto. Read about how they were founded. Tell them what you know, what you like, etc. Just be ready for the answer.

If there’s something you don’t understand about the company ask it! It will show that you are taking an interest in them!
My last job was in the Oil & Gas field, I was qualified for the position but knew absolutely NOTHING about the field I was going into. I knew the story of how the company opened, I explained it and why I love that it was a family operated company and then proceeded to tell them ” I know this company does ‘this’, but I’m not too familiar with was ‘this’ is, can you explain it to me? It leaves you from being on the spot about not doing exactly what goes down! Which leads me to my next tip..

Take Control of the Interview.

You may think that’s crazy but you can 100% do it.
Of course you still let them ask their questions, don’t interrupt, or talk over them but answer your questions in ways that lead to conversation, or could lead to the next question/topic.
Tell them things that you’re nervous about them asking so that you have control over how the topic is brought up! This takes practice and confidence but use your affirmations! You can do it!

My final tip is to SMILE.

Yes, it’s that simple. Smile as much as you (naturally) can. Be friendly and open.
I’ll never forget my first job ever was in a supermarket, I had no experience for what so ever. We finished our interview and the General Manager said ‘I never do this, I usually call back and make everyone do a second interview, but I’m offering you the job now. I love your smile and you’ve smiled so much during this interview, I know you’ll be great on our team!” He said most people can barely make eye contact with him and here I was looking at him, nodding my head, and smiling. Don’t get me wrong I was nervous but I knew I still needed to by myself.

That has stuck with me forever and I believe that it’s one of the reasons I still do so well in interviews, I always make sure to smile.

I hope these tips can help you in every way possible!

Don’t forget, nerves are normal. You can do it though. Be yourself. The worst that can happen is, you don’t get the job. Which is disappointing but it leaves you in the same situation you were already in. That job wasn’t for you. Work harder and score the next job!

Feel free to share this with your friends! Let me hear your tips and tricks and the comments!

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